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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pamper My Bath

Here at Pamper My Style we want to inspire you to pamper all areas of your life.  With the guidance of lifestylist, Pam Pollak - we want to share with you the little tips, tricks and products on how to live life luxuriously.  So, make yourself a cup of your favorite tea, sit back and relax as we journey into the world of all things pampered.

✺ Pamper My Bath ✺

OK...we've gotten the boys out of the way in last weeks post, Pamper My Man.  So, now it's on to us!  The bubble bath is emblematic of living the pampered life.  Studies show that pampering yourself once a week is good for your health (how could it not be?!) and a bubble bath is simple, attainable and with the right products can be just as luxurious as having a full day at the spa!  

Here is our collage board of ideas and, as always, I'll explain everything out with more tips and tricks tucked in to the nooks of this post.  

We recently did a photo shoot at my home in the Hamptons all about pampered baths and it got me thinking about all the ways I like to create the perfect bath environment.  Here are some pictures from the shoot and some discoveries I made when really sitting down to think about creating a spa sanctuary inside your own home.  

1.  Pamper Your Bubble Bath 

I love Laura Mercier.  I know, I've mentioned it once or twice  - but you can't blame a gal for knowing what she likes!  I recently visited the Laura Mercier 5th ave location and was reminded of all the wonderful bath products they have.  Check out some of my favorites products to create a relaxing and soothing bubble bath here: 

2. Pamper Your Shower

I know with the winter making our mornings darker and darker, it's just too much to wake up and get in to a bath everyday.  So, I wanted to share some great ways to pamper your shower, when bubble bath time will just have to be reserved for the weekends.  

In doing more research for this post, I wanted to expand my horizons and try out new products.

So, I reached out to Kristen Arnett (shown below) - High Fashion Make-up Artist, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Green Beauty Teama curated e-zine dedicated to sharing the best and brightest from companies focused on all-natural, holistic beauty products.  

Kristen Arnett - Founder of Green Beauty Team

She suggested a company called Bella Roma, an eco-elegant skincare line with great looking products like sulfate free shower cream!  The Brazillian Coffee is said to tighten skin and wake you up with an infusion of caffeine in to your morning routine.  Or, try the Milk and Honey combo"... inspired by Miss Cleopatra herself, are well known because they were part of her daily skin and beauty bathing regimens." 

3. Candles, Candles and more Candles

Wether you are spending your afternoon soaking like Cleopatra or just taking a 20 minute serenity moment, I cannot overstate the importance of candles.  As you know, I am a big believer in Voluspa.  

The scents are intoxicating and the quality just can't be beat.  I loved two of their new frangrances so much I've included them in our upcoming Pamper My Style Luxury Gift sets....available for pre-order now! 

My tip for creating a perfect candlelit paradise.  Get one statement candle for scenting purpose and then fill the rest of the space with small votive candles (as seen in the picture below from our photo shoot).  It creates a wonderful ambiance without overpowering your sense of smell. 

Here are the two scents that will be available as part of our gift sets:

4. Pamper Your Travel Bath

As part of our Pamper My Man Gift Set , I have chosen to include a wonderful travel set from Antica Farmacista.  The scents (Aqua and Grapefruit) are appropriate for either men or women and is a wonderful way to keep a pampered toiletry bag.  Pair this with the travel tin candle (shown above) from Voluspa and you'll be sitting pretty anywhere in the world!  

Antica Farmacista Pampered Travel Set, available as part of our Pamper My Man Gift Set at 

5. Sing me a Lullaby 

Here I wanted to share with you some of my favorite albums (new, new-ish and classics) to place the needle down on when you're ready to really create an ambiance of relaxation.  

I'm not sure if there is a person left on earth that doesn't have this album.  Adele's soothing voice, wonderful melodies and incredible composition allows you to soak your bath blues away! 

This new album, Little Broken Hearts, by Norah Jones is a great addition to your collection.  It's sweet, fresh and if there is a more soothing voice than Ms. Jones's I would like to hear it!  

Our last featured lady is a staple in any womans music collection - Sade.  Her voice covers you like warm bath water and the familiarity of this album creates a comfortable and secure environment when I am looking to get to optimum relaxation mode!  

6. Once Again, Wine Down

Hopefully you heeded this advice in my Pamper My Season blogpost.  The Hot Toddy Recipe, Pumpkin Hot Chocolate and Wine recommendations shown there are certainly all sip-able in the tub.  

However, when soaking for a good while I prefer something a little lighter and more lady-like.  That's when I go for Domaines OTT Rose.  With a reputation of being the "finest Rose in the world", it's only the best for my #pamperedproteges!  

Well, that seems to about cover it for this week's post.  I hope you find the tips and tricks here helpful and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!  Have a wonderful week and don't forget to pamper yourselves!  

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